We are proud to introduce our all-inclusive Star Lashes World Curved Mattress Set, specially designed to transform your workspace into the pinnacle of comfort and productivity!

Do you want to offer your clients the ultimate relaxation experience during their eyelash extension, Lash Lift or Brow Lamination application sessions? Look no further than the Star Lashes World Curved Mattress Topper Set! Made from premium gel memory foam, this mattress pad conforms to the curves of the body, allowing muscles to relax and stay cool throughout the session. Say goodbye to muscle fatigue caused by traditional massage beds and hello to the unforgettable embrace of the curved mattress topper.

Included in the package:

- Curved eyelash mattress topper

- Velvet mattress cover

- Black velvet bedspread with Star Lashes World logo.

- Plastic bedspread for easy cleaning and disinfection

** Delivery 14 to 30 days.