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 No1 Plus Adhesive (5ml)

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 Star Lashes World No1 Adhesive

Color: black

Grade: medical

Professional glue for eyelash extensions.

Drying time: 1 second.

Hold: 6-8 weeks

Adhesive No1 is a professional glue for eyelash extensions, with a fast setting time.

The glue has been created to work in all humidity levels.

Has minimal odor and minimal level of evaporation.

Economical to use. Resistant to changes in environmental conditions, such as humidity, ideal temperature between 18 and 24 Celcius, does not require special storage conditions.

Store in a dark and cool place, do not store in the refrigerator.

After opening, the shelf life of the adhesive is three months.

Suitable for all skill levels and can be used in all eyelash services, Classic, Volume, Pre Made and Pro Made.

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